Saturday, April 17, 2010

4 weeks - Addison Grace

Addison Grace was born March 20th. She was 6 lbs 8 oz and about 19 inches long. She's been such a sweetheart and we are so grateful to add her to our family!

I have lots of blogging to catch up on but one of my friends did a little photo shoot with Addison this week and I'm super excited to see the rest of the pictures. Thanks Jess!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Little Miss Quinn

I know I've been all but non-existent these last few months but this morning I got up and decided it was time to finally make the announcement:Isn't she cute? We found out about 3 weeks ago that we're having a girl and we are all very excited! Keely has been busy making all kinds of crafts for her new sister, but Ben doesn't seem to exactly get what's going on since every time somebody points to my belly and tells him that there's a baby in there, he points to his and says, "there's a baby in my belly too!" Well, he might be a little surprised. Fortunately he absolutely loves babies and I'm hoping he'll be pleasantly surprised. : )

My pregnancy has been terrific and I can actually see how some people take so long to figure out they're pregnant. Outside of being a little more tired and growing a belly, I really feel pretty normal. Baby girl is due in March right after Ben turns 3, we are very excited to meet her!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beach Bums

When we weren't busy being tourists in Hawaii, we just enjoyed hanging out at the beach house and the beach. These were actually some of my favorite times!
The kids were so excited the first morning we were there that they had to run right out to the beach in their pj's (at about 5:00 a.m. too)

Ben joining dad in a run on the beach

Who cares if we're fully clothed?

Enjoying the hole that Shawn dug

Keely and Gavin posing on the deck

Grandma Gibby and Arah lounging around

More kisses for Siarah!

The snorkeling gang (minus Keely - she wasn't even entertaining the idea!)

Hawaiian Hot Spots

Okay, so maybe not "hot spots" but some more fun places we visited while in Hawaii:

We were always up earlier than everyone else so one morning we got up and took the kids over to the Laie LDS temple. The grounds were absolutely beautiful!

Keely and Gavin had an especially good time at the Polynesian Cultural Center. This woman gave them tribal "tattoos" which they sported proudly for the rest of the day!

Gavin and Keely at the PCC luau

Cafe Ola at Turtle Bay. Definitely the best meal we ate!

Hanauma Bay

Sea Life Park

The Aquarium in Waikiki

Hawaii Homecoming

My parents spent the last year and a half serving a mission in Australia. Well, one of their wishes was to have a reunion half way home in Hawaii and we definitely were not opposed to that idea. It was so wonderful to get mom and dad back and be able to all come together in one of the most beautiful places in the world!
All together at Pearl Harbor

The best shaved ice at Matsumoto's

Learning ukulele at the PCC

Waiting for our canoe ride at the PCC

Kayaking - one of my favorite things we did!

The view from "flat island," the little island we kayaked out to.

Cinco De Mayo

Kristin and Abram hosted a little Cinco De Mayo soiree. The high point of the party was cracking open the piƱatas (of course). Ben was in heaven. There is nothing he likes to do more than swing at inanimate (and sometimes animate) objects with a stick.

The Joy of the Trampoline

This summer I wanted to be able to stay home and have fun as much as going out to have fun. All growing up one of my favorite things to do was spend time on my trampoline. Whether we were playing crack the egg, jumping off the roof of my house (yes, we did that), having a slumber party, or dragging the trampoline under our basketball hoop to practice dunks the trampoline always provided ample entertainment.

Well after Shawn and Abram spent a good couple hours putting this thing together the kids were excited and ready to play. Let the memories begin!