Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Paed Wif Max

Translation: "I played with Max."

Don't you just love when kids are first learning to spell and they write everything phonetically? Well, every Monday morning in Keely's class they write the "Monday morning news" and it's just supposed to be a line about what they did over the weekend with a picture to illustrate. I found this the other day and it made me happy. Max is Keely's cousin and we just happen to be lucky enough to live right by them. We don't know how long we'll have them here, but we're thankful for every second we get! The bond that Max and Keely have formed is something very special and makes me smile almost everyday. When they get together you never know what fantasy world they'll dream up, but you always know they'll have fun doing it!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

B-Day for the B-Boy

And Ben is officially 2! We celebrated his birthday this past Monday and had lots of fun. We started the morning out at Gym America, one of Ben’s favorite places, and then went to lunch with his cousins (this actually may have been more for the moms but we called it a birthday lunch). That night we had The Ellis and Elder families over for pizza, cake, ice cream and present opening. He LOVED blowing out the candles!

So my 2 favorite things about Benjamin right now are:
1.That mischievous smile he gets any time he knows he's doing (or about to do) something naughty.

2.The excitement and passion he has for everyday life. He’s loud and carefree and I hope he stays that way.


Keely's been dying to get her haircut so I took her the other day and I think it's adorable. More importantly though, super easy! So, here's the before and after shots she so obligingly posed for.