Sunday, September 21, 2008

Flintstone Feet

I couldn't find a pair of shoes to fit Ben so in desperation I went to Stride Rite and explained my situation. The girl helping us measures him and says, "Oh" like she's about to diagnose something, "that's because he wears an 8 Extra Wide."
"Really" I say, "and where can I find an Extra Wide?
"Well yeah, but where else?"
"No, just here." she says.

Just to put this into perspective Keely is 5 and wears a size 10, and she has pretty big feet for a girl. The boy is only 18 months! Great, so Stride Rite it is. Until he grows out of kid sizes that is and then we'll probably have to special order them. Here are the only 2 pics I could find that have good images of Ben's feet. Kind of makes him all the more lovable though (except when he steps on me with his monstrous shoes!). : )

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

18 months

I can't believe my baby is 18 months! I wish I could portray in writing how happy this little guy makes me! He has developed such a personality and is cracking me up everyday. I can't describe it like I'd like to but he is just a kid you want to grab and hug all the time. Here's a few of our favorite things:
Just a few things he's saying:
  • When we can't find Ben's shoes (which is almost always), he walks around the house shrugging his shoulders and saying, "where is it?"
  • "No!" A real favorite.
  • When he's done eating Ben throws his hands up and says "all done!"
  • Mattie has figured out that it is safest to stay away from Ben, so Ben spends much of his day laying on the ground and looking under the chair (where Mattie's hiding) while saying "dog" and "Mattie" like he's making a brilliant new discovery.
  • When Ben wants to get out of the house he says "go!" and runs to the door
  • "shoes" because he's obsessed; and believe it or not he's only got one pair that fit him. I can't find shoes wide enough for his chubby little feet!
A few things he's loving:
  • Every time we pass a basketball hoop he makes a motion and sound effect like he's shooting a basket.
  • He loves to give high fives and will do it all day if you let him
  • Running up and throwing his arms around me to give big hugs - love it!
  • Dancing! The kid loves to dance and can really get those arms and legs moving.
  • HITTING - my only complaint. Hitting Keely, his cousins, anyone who happens to be in his path...seriously, it's non-stop!
  • His bear and his binki. Can't sleep without them and I know it's time to take the binki away but I'm dreading it!
  • His daddy - oh, and he prefers men in general. Last week was his first in nursery and I had to let them know that if he needed to be calmed down it would have to be a man. He's a man's man.
  • Making people laugh. Once he knows something cracks you up he'll do it again and again; he's such a character.
  • Folding his arms for prayer. Every time he sits at the table, be it a snack or a meal we must pray. And then he claps after every "amen."
  • Food. Any and all. I love that he loves food, makes life so much easier!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dear Keely (on your first day of school)

Dear Keely,

I watched you this morning as you picked at your breakfast because your belly hurt. I know about nerves, I have as many as you do right now. I watched as you slung on the backpack that’s almost bigger than you, looked up at me with a brave face and then admitted that you’re scared. I waited with you at the bus stop and kept talking about how fun your first day of school would be, about how much you’ll love your classes and your teacher, but all the while my stomach churned and tied in knots. I watched you tense as the bus pulled up, then watched you relax as you saw Jade waving to you from the window. I was so proud as you stepped on and went in and I knew that brave step was the one that mattered today. I loved watching you wave from the bus but felt like you were waving goodbye to so much more than me.

As soon as the bus pulled away I dashed to the car so that I could beat that bus to school and be waiting when you got off. When I dropped you off in class I watched you sign your name with that shaky, newly formed penmanship and I smiled as I saw your classmates do the same. When it was time to say goodbye I was so proud of you for letting me go because I know it was hard but even though I didn’t show it at the time I want you to know that it was just as hard for me.

I finally let some tears flow as I drove home. It feels like yesterday that I picked you up for the first time and whispered to you that I’m your momma and I’ll always take care of you. I remember putting you in your car seat carrier and knowing that life would never be the same and it hasn’t – I don’t think you’ll ever truly know how much happiness you’ve added to my life. Now it’s time for me to put on my brave face but I want you to know that although many things will change there are some things that will always stay the same. I will rejoice with you over every accomplishment, cry with you over every painful experience, and nothing will ever make me happier than hugs from my little girl. So, on this big day just know that everything you felt, I felt; know that I spent the morning thinking about you and praying that your first day would go well. Know that the best part of my day will be when you step down off that bus and you’re home. I’m so proud of you and I love you more than you’ll ever know.

All my love,