Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mom's Songs

Tonight I was singing songs to Benjamin as he was falling to sleep and he just kept smiling and looking into my eyes and I remembered my mom singing the very same songs to me as a child and all the sudden I longed for that connection I felt every time she sat down to sing us one of her favorite songs.

They weren’t your typical kid songs, they were songs like “Cat and the Cradle” and “Molly Malone,” but I always knew they were songs that she liked; songs that meant something to her and that’s why she sang them to us. I remember begging for just one more song every night after she tucked us in and I think she probably thought it was a way to get to stay up a little longer. In reality, it was just a matter of wanting to be with her doing the very thing that we were doing at that moment for just a little bit longer. I remember not wanting it to end. So mom, thanks for the songs.

Monday, July 23, 2007

DC or Bust

Victory! Just got back from my first trip flying with 2 kids alone! Sure the flight is only one hour, but I’m still going to consider it a feat. People are so nice when you’re alone with two kids, a double stroller, car seat, Disney Princess backpack, diaper bag and purse. Everyone kept asking if they could help me and I felt very strong and independent letting them all know that I had it under control. There was only one moment that I got an “I hate your naughty little kids” look and that was when Keely put her feet on the guy sitting in the window seat next to her. I’m happy to say that the situation was handled quickly and there was no big outburst from either Keely or the scary man.

Our actual time in DC was wonderful. We stayed with Kristin and Abram – great hosts whose only drawback is their early bedtime (around 9 they start getting droopy eyed, yawning, and complaining of exhaustion). Amy and the kids were kind enough to make the trip from Charlottesville to DC and spent the first night and day with us also. We went swimming Tuesday night and to the hot, muggy, uphill all the way with a double stroller Zoo on Wednesday. While I personally could have done without the hike the kids had a great time and so I’m going to proclaim the event a success. My highlight was anytime we got to go to an indoor, air conditioned exhibit; Keely’s highlight was the Pygmy Hippo and the cotton candy that Amy sprung for at the end; and Ben’s highlight was anytime he got picked up and out of the stroller – good times!

I would have to say that my favorite part of the trip was the day that Kristin and I got a very expensive but very worth it babysitter from 11-5. We went and got pedicures, lunch at the Carlyle, and took in the movie “Waitress,” all things I would highly recommend. The food at Carlyle was amazing and Waitress was a fantastic movie! Anyway, thanks to Kristin, Abram and Max for a great time!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

5 Things Not To Do When Your Husband Is Out of Town:

#1. Grocery shopping: Toddler asking for every toy, baby bored and screaming; next time will try eating food storage until mate returns.

#2. Baby immunizations: Screaming mad baby for three days. What was I thinking?

#3. Throw party: Girls night fun...cleaning up before and after not fun!

#4. Stay up late: Will be up at 6:00 AM everyday. Kids not going to sleep in no matter how hard I pray!

#5. Start new diet and exercise regimen – What are the chances…really?

My kid's smarter than your kid!

So ever since Benjamin’s arrival Keely has started pretending to be a baby A LOT. It’s not something I especially like and in fact it drives me crazy! Anyway, when she acts like a baby she kind of makes this squishy little face, flails her arms around, and says “ah, ah” over and over again. I don’t know if I’m giving the description justice but it gets old real fast. So this last week we were in the grocery store and the check out lady starts talking to Keely. At first she asks her a couple questions to which Keely answers “Ah, Ah” all the while making this silly face and flailing her arms. I notice the lady gets a little uncomfortable and then talks more gently and slowly to Keely. On the way out I was puzzling over this woman’s change in her interaction with Keely when I suddenly realized (and I’m pretty sure I’m right) that the cashier actually thought Keely was retarded!

Later this same week we go to a new art class that I just enrolled Keely in. Because the class is only 45 minutes long most the parents just drop their kids off in class and then sit out in the hall and visit until it’s over. So I’m sitting in the hall talking with some moms about the pros and cons of putting your child in Kindergarten when their birthday is close to the cut-off point. One woman is pretty adamant that the best thing to do is wait and I start saying that I think Keely will do just fine even though she’ll be one of the younger students in her class. I then go on to talk about what a great vocabulary Keely has, how smart she is, etc…you get the picture. So class is over, out comes Keely and over comes this woman with her daughter. She bends down and introduces her daughter to Keely and then asks her a couple questions like, “How old are you?” to which Keely responds “Ah, Ah!”- arms flailing, tongue hanging out. By this point I’m more than ready to go so we’re quickly saying our goodbyes when this woman leans in and quietly says, “I would really think about holding off a year.” Aaahhh!